Canine Massage

Canine Massage helps to reduce stress and pain while speeding up recover and immune system response for a variety of common canine conditions.  In addition it helps to prevent injury and maintain peak performance for dogs that always need to be at their best.


-Improves blood flow and circulation

-Enhances range of motion and flexibility

-Reduces Pain and muscle swelling

-Enhances the dog’s immune system and helps rid the body of toxins

-Can help improve the performance of the canine athlete (agility etc.)

-Can assist in reducing behavioral issues

-Can speed up recovery time from an injury or surgery











Canine Massage it’s good for you and your dog.

A Calm and Relaxed Dog after Canine Massage Therapy

To make an appointment with Madison for your dog you can call the concierge at D Pet Hotel in Hollywood, Ca at 323.464.7387

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Puppies Aren’t Products

Exposing the connection between puppy mills and pet stores, and encouraging adoption.

Right now, millions of adult dogs are suffering on the “production line” in America’s puppy mills. Their sole purpose is to breed and make money for their owners. They live in tiny, wire-bottomed cages, in squalid conditions, with little human contact and often no veterinary care. It is no life for man’s best friend.

Meanwhile, roughly 11,000 animals are euthanized in America’s shelters every day. There’s something wrong with this picture.

The goal of Best Friends’ Puppies Aren’t Products campaign is to create a world of No More Homeless Pets by fighting against puppy mills and irresponsible breeding. Our campaign team saves lives by holding peaceful demonstrations at pet stores that sell puppies from mills, educating consumers about the inhumane conditions in puppy mills, encouraging people to adopt rather than buy pets, and advocating for better legislation to combat puppy mills.

Please join us in working toward a day when all of America’s pets have what they deserve: good care, safety and love from a family of their own.

How is Best Friends fighting puppy mills?

Education: Educating consumers about the horrors of puppy mills increases awareness and decreases the demand for puppy mill puppies. When consumers learn the truth about puppy mills and pet stores that sell them, they make informed choices.

Most dogs sold in pet stores are from puppy mills. In 2008, Best Friends launched its first Puppies Aren’t Products local program in Los Angeles, aimed at stopping the sale of puppies from irresponsible breeders in stores and increasing adoptions. We advocate switching to a humane model, encouraging stores to stop selling pets and to have rescued pets available in the store for adoption. Best Friends targets the issue from multiple angles: We conduct peaceful demonstrations in front of pet stores, investigate puppy suppliers, and work with local governments to clamp down on puppy mills.

As of April 2009, the Puppies Aren’t Products campaign has expanded to include two more cities: Las Vegas and New York. Best Friends holds peaceful demonstrations at one or more stores every weekend in each of the three cities until the targeted store agrees to change to a humane business model, or they decide to close.

Pup My Ride, a lifesaving transport program: Through the Pup My Ride program, over a thousand small dogs facing euthanasia in Los Angeles shelters have been transported to areas where small dogs are in high demand. In 2009, the program is expanding to move cast-off, unwanted breeding dogs from Midwest puppy mills to New York, where they are placed with no-kill rescue groups and shelters to find their forever homes. In the first year alone, an estimated 800 dogs facing certain death in puppy mills will be transported. Education will be a strong component, with every adopter learning about the issue and how the choice to adopt helps stop puppy mills.

Collaboration with others: Best Friends employees work with people around the country to fight puppy mills. Here are some of the ways they do this:

Assisting groups with closing down or prosecuting puppy mills when violations are found

Promoting other groups’ events, protests and petitions through our website

Calling on Best Friends members for help during rescue situations

Helping individuals report suspected illegal puppy mills to the proper local authorities

Helping organizations find proper placement for dogs removed from puppy mill busts

Giving funds to organizations for specific projects or cases.

How can you support Puppies Aren’t Products?

Never buy a puppy online or in a pet store or from classified ads.

Adopt your next dog or puppy from a shelter or rescue group.

Have your dog spayed or neutered.

Support stronger dog breeder laws.

Stage your own pet store protest.

Become a Best Friends volunteer.

Donate to the Puppies Aren’t Products campaign.

* Buddha Bark is a strong supporter of the Puppies Aren’t Products Campaign and is helping Best Friends to spread awareness and educate.

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Calming Sounds for Anxious Hounds

hearing dog

Buddha Bark – series 1  (Dj Doggie) ” by Madison is bio-acoustic music  therapy and entrainment  for dogs.  The cd contains music with calming and soothing sounds and tones to help lessen separation anxiety, stress and problem behaviours such as hyperactivity, excessive barking, and aggressive behaviour to name a few.  The Buddha Bark Canine Acoustic Series  will help to increase positive brainwaves that elicit feelings of well-being, calm submissive behavior and open up to healing energy.   It is know that sound and music reduces anxiety and emotional stress, lowers blood pressure and heart rate and promotes healing. The cd is encoded with binaural beats, in utero sounds from the womb and natural heart beat rhythms.
Please listen to the music with your companion one hour every day while having quality time.  After one week start to use the cd when you leave your dog at home for a few hours to help keep them calm.  Many people put on the radio or television as company for their dogs but I find this to be much harder because you have no real way of monitoring what their senses are receiving.  With the Buddha Bark – Dj Doggie cd you know exactly what you are getting.  There has been a great response from clients, doggie day spas and hotels, to rescues that the Buddha Bark Canine Bio-Acoustic  series cd helps to calm your canine companions.  As with anything it is only part of the solution so please remember to always give them healthy food, exercise, praise, love, chew toys and quality bonding  time with you.
Also, please do remember the following:
- Know your dog.  Remember that a dog’s hearing is much more sensitive than your own
- Take precautions if your dog is nervous
- Avoid playing TV and radio at the same time
- If you are not actively listening to the radio or the TV, turn them off
- Stay connected and more in tune to them as they are with us

Enjoy! To order cds please contact me at

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Top 7 Things to do to Control Fleas


First, confirm that your dog has fleas before treating it. Use a flea comb to find and physically remove the fleas. Confirm fleas’ presence in your home by placing a bowl of soapy water under a night light in a darkened room. This will not control fleas, but it’s an effective way to monitor them.

1. Do a regular bath once a week with an organic shampoo treatment for dogs that has any of the citrus or mint blends.
2. Vacuum your carpet regularly
3. Once or twice a week shake your dog’s bedding into the bathtub and rinse
the debris down the drain. Wash the bed cover in hot, soapy water to kill flea larvae. This is safer than applying insecticides in the home and prevents fleas from developing pesticide persistence.
4. Steam clean the carpet once or twice a year to make sure that you thoroughly
Kill immature fleas.

5. After visits to the dog park make sure to give him or her a bath.
6. Keep your eyes out for safer, environmentally friendly and more effective
Effective products that continue to be developed

7. If you want to avoid putting harsh flea repellant chemicals on your dog I suggest you consult with your local vet and consider the surrounding area that you live in. You can use some aromatherapy oils such as citronella, mint, or peppermint. I put a few drops on my fingers and rub it on the back of my dogs neck. Fleas hate the smell of citrus or mint.


Aromatherapy for Dogs

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Wen By Chaz Dean

Celebrity hair stylist Chaz Dean single-handedly transformed the beauty industry with the wildly successful WEN Hair & Body Care. The all-natural line has replaced the harmful detergents and sulfates in soap and shampoo with nourishing botanical ingredients that work wonders on even the most dry, damaged and frizzy hair. When Dean is not focusing on developing new groundbreaking products and his personal clients, you’ll find him hiking with his dogs, who even have their own playground at the studio.

Chaz Dean believes in a natural, healthy lifestyle, so it’s no wonder his approach to hairstyling follows suit. At his Los Angeles salon, the Chaz Dean Studio, his dedication to harmony and holistic methods quickly become obvious: On the outside, there is no signage advertising his businesses at all, and ivy-covered walls surround the mid-city bungalows to preserve the inner sanctuary. Upon entering, visitors are treated to an oasis of lush foliage, trickling fountains, quiet sitting areas, hanging lanterns and other peaceful décor. Inside, the salon and separate lifestyle bungalow have a lived-in elegance that reflects their owner’s spiritual essence.


Wen by Chaz Dean

His products and techniques are equally as healthy: Dean’s own hair-care line is made with all-natural ingredients, and he never uses bleach or developer with high levels of peroxide when coloring hair. A firm believer in educating his clients on how to maintain the health and integrity of their hair, Dean teaches that shampoos, bleach and irons are extremely damaging and drying to the hair. So dedicated is he to this philosophy that his product line, called “WEN,” does not include a shampoo. Rather, his cleansing conditioner is a single product that both cleanses and conditions, without the use of sodium laurel sulfate or other damaging detergents found in shampoos.   Wen comes in all natural scents like Cucumber-Aloe, Lavender, Fig, Sweet Almond Mint and  Tea Tree.

We are very excited to be doing Buddha Bark again at  Chaz Dean’s  beautiful zen inspired space in Hollywood and to have Wen as one of our sponsors.    The first Buddha Bark event for the Golden Globes was a great success and we are looking forward to creating the magic again for the Celebrity and Canine Style Lounge in conjunction with the MTV Movie Awards.  Thank you Chaz.

For more information you can go to

Chaz Dean Photo

Chaz Dean

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Adina Holistics a Vision of A World that “Drinks No Evil”

We are very excited to share with everyone that Adina Holistics Fruit Infused Herbal Refreshment will be one of our sponsors at our next Buddha Bark event and MTV Movie Awards Gifting Lounge.

The new line of herbal elixirs was inspired by a vision of a world that “Drinks No Evil” for the consumer who is passionate and health-conscious. Acknowledging the growing awareness and acceptance of holistic and natural health by U.S. consumers, “Adina for Life” created the line of USDA organic, Fair Trade, Gluten Free beverages that will tap into the 5,000 year old “emerging trend” of Ayurveda.

Deriving it’s company name from the word “adina”, which loosely translates to “life in its holistic and spiritual dimension”, the Adina team, which is comprised of seasoned beverage industry veterans that include the Founders of Odwalla and SoBe, strives to create beverages that provide a healthier alternative to the highly refined sugar filled options that are linked to obesity and diabetes.

Adina Holistics is available in sever varieties of delicious and thirst quenching from “Blackberry Hibiscus with Rioboos”, “Jade Green Tea with Tulsi”, “Passion Peach with Amalaki”, “Mango Orange with Chamomile”, “Cranberry Grapefruit with Goji”, “Pomegranate Acai with Yumberry”, and “Coconut Guava with Lychee”. Each one of these flavors features it’s own unique, delicious fruit infused herbal flavor profile, and recognizable by the whimsical monkey on the bottle.

Adina Holistics

For more information go to

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