Doggie Driving The Small Dog Car Seat

With the new car seat law for dogs in California we are very excited to introduce to you Doggie Driving The Small Dog Car Seat as one of Buddha Bark’s sponsors.

A recent surge of manufacturers producing doggie seatbelts has brought a plethora of choices but the dilemma, for the little dog owners is that most doggie seat belts are for larger animals. A safety harness that fits a child incorrectly is dangerous for that child. The same is true for a small dog. If an accident were to occur and his seat belt not fitted correctly, your pet may sustain internal injuries, be choked or crushed by its own weight upon impact. With Doggie Driving you have safety, comfort and style. Finally your dog will enjoy traveling in the car with a window view and safely secured in a Doggie Driving Small Dog Car Seat.


Doggie Driving Small Dog Car Seat

Doggie Driving’s unique patent pending design secures and supports small dogs traveling in the car. The hand crafted hard shell under the cover is specifically engineered and designed to protect and support your dog in case of a sudden stop, accident, or deployment of the airbag.

The unique comfort-ledge supports the dog in a variety of positions. Dogs can sit or lay down safely secured and in comfort. Adjustable safety strap secures your dog in the seat.

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Doggie Driving

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